In addition to looking “at home”, and at the problems of our tricolor gambling houses and our authorized online casinos , we also “like” to “take a tour” among the identical foreign structures that are perhaps a little more advanced than ours and that sometimes reveal news, surprises and ideas that can also be taken into consideration by this segment of our game. Certainly, it is not easy to apply foreign successes and see to “pass them on” to our structures … but perhaps some “ideas could be stolen”, or perhaps not.

What emerges is that the US operators of the game are “ready for the Japanese market” which is what “attracts”. These operators are absolutely “well positioned” to be able to sustain the huge investments necessary for the construction of new casinos in Japan. In first place is Las Vegas Sands, and this according to data from the Fitch Ratings Agency. In recent days, the two branches of the Japanese Parliament approved a bill on casinos, noting that there are already three US operators who have openly and publicly declared their interest in opening casinos on Japanese territory.

Wynn Resorts, MGM Resorts International and Las Vegas Sands: these are three global casino operators that in recent years have “strengthened” their budgets by taking advantage of the last six years of US economic expansion and beyond. They took advantage of the boom that materialized in Macau a few years ago and hardened to face another market with a “bright” future. Of course, they will be investments not in the immediate future since it will take at least a couple of more years before the projects in Japan are ready and can allow the start of this new adventure: but the large-scale capital investment program is now at the final details.

In the meantime, the Japanese Parliament will have to define the licensing process, taxation and various restrictions: therefore, it is expected that the law that will have to complete the recently approved one, will be presented during next 2017. There is absolutely time for American operators to prepare well for “this run-up” to the Japanese market.

Then there is another very important point for our planet: the City of Las Vegas focuses strongly on renewable energy, but not all the casinos in the city have adapted to this initiative. But in any case, the Municipality of this fantastic and “playful” city has reached the goal of powering all its public facilities with renewable energy. It is with pride that the Mayor of the American gambling capital boasts of the achievement considering that “his city” is one of the few in the world that has all its energy from a green source.

However, many casinos, hotels and supermarkets are still not aligned with this renewable energy supply: this step began “way back” in 2008 and since then, by decreasing its energy consumption by more than 30%, it has been allowed to city ​​to save about $ 5 million per year.

Two lines also to report a victory in Court, in Florida, by the Seminole Tribe: the US State loses the appeal and the tribe has scored another victory in its legal battle against the State: a judge confirmed in fact, the ruling according to which La Florida had violated the gaming agreement it had signed with this tribe.

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